On behalf of all of us here at KPM Multifamily, we’re pleased to announce the introduction of new Phoenix, Arizona properties, as well as more Las Vegas properties under the KPM label! 

Phoenix, Arizona is one of the best places to live when it comes to settling down in style.  

Apartment living here is in no short supply thanks to the city’s thriving sense of community, comfort, and welcoming atmosphere. Luckily, there’s a new reason for residents to get excited! KPM Multifamily has recently announced its new branching out across the Phoenix region, complete with plenty of excellent apartments you won’t want to miss for quality Phoenix living! 

Our new properties include: 

-Residence at McDowell (260 Units) 

-Residence at Tolleson (416 Units) 

Each of our fabulous new properties comes equipped with all your favorite amenities and services and our staff is always ready and available to help you with all your residential needs! From pet-friendly accommodations to splendid regional convenience, you can always rely on KPM Multifamily to set you right when it comes to the absolute best residential experiences! 

Phoenix is home to some of the best shops, restaurants, and attractions in the state, benefiting from a booming economy, sunny weather, a youthful population, and a never-ending supply of great things to see and do! It’s the perfect place to live for anyone looking for a sense of fun and entertainment. From major regional malls to local nightclubs to all the biggest party hotspots in the region, you can always count on Phoenix to provide you with an outstanding place to call home! 

We sincerely can’t wait to welcome you to our stellar Phoenix properties today! Schedule an appointment to lease with us today at: 



Las Vegas is home to some of the biggest entertainment venues in the globe, a bastion of theatre, culture, iconography, and excitement. From its dazzling casinos to its thriving nightlife, it’s the perfect place for both thrill-seeking residents, as well as those looking to experience a stellar sense of contentment and comfort at their fabulous apartment! 

We are pleased to welcome the Residence at Sierra Vista and the Residence at Tropicana to our wonderful selection of Las Vegas apartments!  

Our new properties include: 

-Residence at Sierra Vista (175 units) 

-Residence at Tropicana (226 Units) 

Our brand-new apartments come equipped with all your favorite amenities, from a sparkling swimming pool to welcoming staff, on-site regional convenience, beautiful weather, and more! Las Vegas has all the perks you could ever want to really feel like a local, including a booming job market, an endless supply of nearby fine dining, quick and easy access across the city, and more!  

Stay tuned and schedule an appointment to lease with our new Las Vegas properties today at: