This month, KPM was pleased to announce that elite business and life strategist Seth Makowsky would be visiting our headquarters to work with KPM’s team on their professional and personal development through the game of chess. KPM sought Mr. Makowksy’s help in order to find new ways of investing with people as well as provide their team with a new path to learn, grow, and develop personally and professionally. KPM’s ultimate goal was to optimize their people to reach their maximum potential as individuals and to then successfully collaborate together as a high-performing organization. Thus, Mr. Makowsky’s visit was highly essential and valued.

Seth Makowsky is an elite business and life strategist. His organization is responsible for helping clients drive exceptional performance and achieve elite results. As an expert in helping companies and top performers amplify their strengths and collective aptitude, Mr. Makowsky has been featured in several high-end publications including The Athletic, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Sports Illustrated. Makowsky’s training method takes the universal truths, principles, and strategies of the ancient game of chess and combines them with elite-level coaching to help sports teams, Fortune 500 companies, and world-class performers to achieve peak performance. Makowsky’s client list includes top professional, Olympic, and college sports teams, NFL Quarterbacks, CEOs, and A-list celebrities.

Mr. Makowsky became drawn to the sport of chess in order to obtain the ability to see life many moves ahead, wanting to share his knowledge of transformation through chess in order to help others make the right moves at the right time for the right reasons in their own life. He believes that when all players are working together in harmony, there is simply no obstacle or challenge that’s too big to overcome.

During his visit to KPM, Mr. Makowsky met with the company’s senior executives. There, he met with each executive and fostered a stronger sense of business, community, and developing one’s personal skills in strategy. The visit was capped off with a series of friendly chess competitions. Mr. Makowsky enjoyed his time getting together with KPM’s team, working one on one on personal development and encouraging the company’s overall flourishment. 

KPM’s strong focus on fostering a keen work ethic when it comes to property management lent itself well to Mr. Makowsky’s advice, allowing for the company’s executives to gain a stronger understanding of how to cultivate a better business strategy. The meeting’s series of discussions, collaboration, and chess matches all served as useful stepping stones in providing the Houston-based company with a new perspective on honing in on major goals and successfully reaching them, adding a sense of strategic ingenuity into the mix through Mr. Makowsky’s teachings. 

Karya Property Management plans on utilizing the skills and techniques encouraged during Mr. Makowsky’s visit as a means of bolstering their path moving forward in the months to come. In coming together to learn more about Mr. Makowsky’s vision for ideal business strategy, KPM Property Management plans on reaching continued success in their future business endeavors, striving for a more vertically integrated sense of advancement within the real estate industry.