In the US, gun violence has risen to be one of the major leading causes of death, especially impacting the lives of our youth. Every year, more than 2,700 children and teens are shot and killed with nearly 14,500 more being injured. In light of this, steps should be taken to ensure schools are safe spaces for our children and loved ones to learn and grow. As such, as of August 7th, all KPM properties began distributing free school well over 4,000 transparent backpacks for students of all ages starting their new semester. Additionally, local sheriff’s departments took a moment of their time to provide awareness and vital pieces of information regarding active shooter scenarios in order to keep our schools safer. For our Karya Kares initiative, this is only the beginning! Community outreach is a never-ending process and here at KPM, we plan to meet these challenges head-on to build a better future for our residents!

Here at KPM Property Management, we believe classrooms should be All Smiles, No Guns.

All smiles, no guns: Students given free clear backpacks loaded with supplies for Back-to-School

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